Integrated Wellness Solutions

Better Process. Better Results.

Our goal at Welltality is to be an extension of your practice, that creates revenue while improving patient outcomes without causing any distraction or disruption to your current workflow.

Getting Started

  1. Meet with a local Welltality consultant. Learn about the benefits of implementing Welltality into your clinic to help boost your HEDIS measures and star ratings while creating revenue to the practice. Meetings typically range from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size and scope of the practice.
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  2. Sign up with Welltality. Select a day and time to perform Annual Wellness Visits in clinic. Determine what space is available and where our Wellness Specialist will be seeing patients and performing the health risk assessment. Create and discuss any systems that must be put in place so that the workflow of the clinic is not interrupted when we are seeing patients.
  3. Gather and create the list of Medicare patients. We ask our clients to create a spreadsheet of specific patient criteria that allows us to check eligibility and contact and schedule patients. Once this list is created, an account manager will come to the practice and securely upload this information.
  4. Determine patient eligibility. An account manager securely uploads patient criteria and our software solution runs eligibility through the Medicare HETS claims system. Within 24 hours, our software program determines which patients are eligible for their Medicare Annual Wellness Visit.
  5. Patients are contacted and scheduled for appointments. Your patients then meet with a Welltality Wellness Specialist. Appointments average 25 to 35 minutes and include a complete health risk assessment based on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requirements. At the end of the appointment, our software will generate a personalized preventative care plan for the primary care physician.

The assessment includes questions regarding the following:

  • Medical history and demographics
  • Psychological and behavioral risks
  • Cognitive and health status self-assessments
  • Medication management and adherence
  • Activities of daily life and advanced care planning

Welltality’s simple five-step process encompasses all the key components of the AWV. We provide the care plan that allows you to bill the G0438 and G0439 compliantly.

Learn more about the benefits of Welltality and our full-service software solution by scheduling a consultation.
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