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Is Your Job Making You Sick?

Has your job ever made you sick? Occupational Wellness is an often overlooked aspect of one’s health. There are many factors that can influence holistic

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welltality solutions help to improve your health and wellness by facilitating the delivery of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) and other important preventive services. Many serious diseases and illnesses can be prevented or delayed. The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is a benefit that is intended to keep seniors healthy by addressing lifestyle habits and early detection of chronic diseases. The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) and many other preventive services are 100% free with no copay, yet they are dramatically under-used.

No, The Welcome to Medicare visit is within your first year of enrollment in Medicare.

We suggest discussing fasting requirements with your Primary Care Physician

The Initial Annual Wellness Visit is once in your lifetime. The subsequent Wellness Visit is every year thereafter.

No, the Annual Wellness Visit is not a physical, it’s a health risk assessment and personalized patient plan focused on improving the patient’s health.

No, this is a free benefit provided to you through Medicare. This visit also will not apply to your deductible.

The Initial Annual Wellness Visit is G0438 and the Subsequent Wellness Visit is G0439.

A Physician, ARNP or PA or a medical professional (including a health educator, registered dietitian, nutrition professional or other licensed practitioner) working under the direct supervision of a doctor or provider.

It is a yearly visit with your healthcare provider that includes a complete health risk assessment where beneficiaries are provided with a personalized prevention plan.

All security is audited in compliance with HIPAA regulations on a yearly basis and in response to any new threats or regulations.

Yes, Data access can be configured using roles for various employees at the practice to maintain minimum access.

All data access is audited constantly using both automated and manual processes.