Annual Wellness Visit

Annual Wellness Visits

With annual doctor visits being quite short, some patients need more time to fully address what is going on with their health and if they are at risk for any illnesses or other.

Adding Power To Your Practice

We believe in giving you the power to make Annual Wellness Visits easy and accessible for all.

At Welltality, we recognize the need and the importance for Medicare patients to receive an AWV. We see the value in preventative care and helping patients stay healthy. With that in mind, we did what we do best by building an Annual Wellness Visit platform called Our solution includes all the questions that must be addressed during the health risk assessment including care gaps such as mammograms, colonoscopies, medication adherence, and immunizations. We also offer expanded services and screenings to accompany our software offering that provides everything needed to fully administer AWVs.

We understand the importance and necessity of customizing our offerings to suit our client’s needs, so we’ve created three AWV solutions that integrate seamlessly with any type of practice:

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Annual Wellness Visit Options

We understand that every practice and organization is different which is why we offer several different options for our clients.  At the end of the day, we are here to help you to increase patient satisfaction and reduce overall healthcare costs while helping individuals live healthier lives.

Software Only

  • Training and software for the practice to manage the entire Annual Wellness Visit from start to finish
  • Software that generates a personalized preventative care plan for the physician and the patient


Software & Scheduling

  • Securing a patient list from the provider
  • Checking the eligibility of the patients and determine who is eligible for the G0438 or the G0439
  • Contacting and scheduling the patients on behalf of the physician
  • Providing ongoing training to in-office staff that will be performing the health risk assessment

Add Annual Wellness Visits To Your Practice

The AWV assessment includes questions regarding the following:

Welltality’s simple five-step process encompasses all the key components of the AWV. We provide the care plan that allows you to bill the G0438 and G0439 compliantly.

  1. Medical history and demographics
  2. Psychological and behavioral risks
  3. Cognitive and health status self-assessments
  4. Medication management and adherence
  5. Activities of daily life and advanced care planning

Better Process = Better Results

Our goal at Welltality is to be an extension of your practice, that creates revenue while improving patient outcomes without causing any distraction or disruption to your current workflow.

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