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Driving simple behavioral changes with more caring, individualized attention.

We approach preventative medicine with its original intent, to improve patient outcomes while reducing cost. Our founding principle for Welltality is to deliver a win-win-win situation. A win for the patient, physician, and the payer.

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Our Mission

To provide intuitive, Medicare-compliant, Annual Wellness platforms and on-site services that achieve better healthcare outcomes for patients and while increasing revenue for practices.

The Welltality Story

We believe that if you use best practice preventative techniques, then listen to the patient, and then enact change, as a result patient outcomes, life expectancy, quality of life, and the patients’ Annual Wellness Visit experience can all be remarkably positive. At the same time, we improve primary care physicians’ quality measures, patient engagement, and revenue. Finally, we reduce costs in the system for Medicare by making patients healthier, reducing expensive future care, and driving simple behavioral changes with more caring, individualized attention from less expensive providers.

The healthcare system today, through the Annual Wellness Visit, has a great opportunity to make a massive positive impact. It requires relentless high-quality execution, outreach, and patient focus. That is what we aim to deliver, and why we started Welltality.

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Paul Dent

Chief Executive Officer

Terry McGowan

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Mills

Director of Development

Ellen Heekin

Director of Business Development

Better Process = Better Results

Our goal at Welltality is to be an extension of your practice, that creates revenue while improving patient outcomes without causing any distraction or disruption to your current workflow.

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The Welltality Difference:

The Way AWV Management Should Be

Execution is what separates us from other AWV solutions. We are completely turnkey for our clients. Many competitors offer software solutions and we do too, but we use our own software.

This means we are relentless in improving every aspect of our software on an ongoing basis because we are our own toughest client. Ultimately, our service is what makes the difference. Too many physicians have tried and failed to improve Annual Wellness Visit usage among their patients. Others wish they could but do not have the time. We deliver a solution that includes a Wellness Specialist in your own office, and focuses on patient engagement, outcomes and, most importantly, satisfaction. Our patients enjoy the visit so much that over 99% of them agree to come back for their Subsequent Annual Wellness Visit. Patients keep their appointments and follow care plans as a direct result of our in-house presence and commitment to quality service for our practices.

Today, Welltality proudly performs and provides Annual Wellness Visit management for family care, primary care, and internal medicine doctors and their Medicare patients. We start by simply and securely uploading the providers Medicare patient roster. Next, we run patient eligibility and from there, we reach out to the patients on behalf of the doctor and schedule them for their Annual Wellness Visit. Our WellAssessment Software generating preventative care plans that include billing codes and HEDIS measures. 

It’s no wonder Welltality’s Annual Wellness solutions, software, and services are changing the way doctors provide care and patients receive it.

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